Mushoku Tensei Vol 5
Mushoku Tensei Vol05
Release Date 24 October 2014
Volume 4
Volume 6


Beautiful scenery and capital Milishion, place suited for reunions. However, reunion between Rudeus and Paul did not end well. Paul had completely disregarded the fact that his son was just a child and Rudeus who accused his father of adultery without any proof. Their actions made them both lose themselves and fight each other. Rudeus managed to win, but his sister Norn witnessed him beating up their father, making her hate him and complicating their future relationship.

Paul who found out the whole story about his son's journey realized his mistake and Rudeus who figured out that he was too rash and repented. They both made up and had a nice chat, though Norn still hated Rudeus. Leaving his father and sister in search for other family members Rudeus together with his companions continued their journey towards the Central Continent.





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