Mushoku Tensei Vol 2
Mushoku Tensei Vol02
Release Date 25 March 2014
Volume 1
Volume 3


Rudeus who was forced to separate from his family was given 2 options, come back home without accomplishing anything or to be Eris home teacher and be able to go to Magic University together with Sylphy. Everything would be easy if Eris was a normal child, however she was like a "Mad Dog" making him unable to accomplish his mission easily. Nevertheless Rudeus managed to do the impossible, but it did not go like he planned. A new tragedy was upon him and entire Fedoa region.


家庭教師ぐらい何とかなるだろうと思っていたルーデウスだが、生徒であるお嬢様――エリスは彼の想像を絶する乱暴者だった……!? 言うことを聞きそうにないエリスを何とか従わせるため、ルーデウスはある作戦を決行することに! ルーデウスの人生始まって以来の重大任務が始まる――。 


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