Mushoku Tensei Vol 15
Mushoku Tensei Vol15
Release Date July 25, 2017
Volume 14
Volume 16


Our all time good-guy Hitogami decided to betray Rudeus, fortunately Rudeus saved himself. Yeah, he traveled from future to help his past self not to fall into depravity and despair due to the betrayal of Hitogami. Rudeus(Future) left some advises and a diary of the future. Deciding on the course of action Rudeus was contacted by Hitogami, who was rather frustrated, because his attempt failed. Therefore, Rudeus was ordered to kill Orsted or his family would be killed. Rudeus left with no choice, started his preparations for a fight against Orsted. He had to succeed or else his family would pay the price. Preparations are complete and he managed to trick Orsted to come to a desolate place. Fight began and both sides fought seriously, however Rudeus with lack of experience was starting to lose, he was running out of magic power due to the strain of magic armor he made with Cliff and Zanoba to overcome his disadvantage in close-range fight. However, that proved futile, since he was overpowered either way. When all seemed lost, red angel came to help, Eris. She could not beat Orsted, but she managed to delay him . Orsted learned the reason why Rudeus attacked him and decided to offer him a certain proposal to become his subordinate and fight Hitogami together or die now. And so, Rudeus became Orsteds subordinate.


  • Chapter 1: Diary - First Part.
  • Chapter 2: Diary - Second Part.
  • Chapter 3: Resolve.
  • Chapter 4: Nanahoshi's Hypothesis.
  • Chapter 5: Letter Arrives.
  • Chapter 6: Preparation.
  • Chapter 7: Preparation Complete.
  • Chapter 8: Quagmire vs Dragon God.
  • Chapter 9: Mad Dog King vs Dragon God.
  • Chapter 10: Eris Greyrat - First Part.
  • Chapter 11: Eris Greyrat - Second Part.
  • Chapter 12: Summon.
  • Chapter 13: Explanation.
  • Extra chapter: Mad swords fit in the sheath.「か〈して狂剣は鞘に収まる」


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