Mushoku Tensei Vol 14
Mushoku Tensei Vol14
Release Date 25 April 2017
Volume 13
Volume 15


Thanks to Nanahoshi, Rudeus and his companions are off to visit Dragon King Pergius Dola. Using teleportation they were transported to a floating citadel, where Pergius and his familiars awaited them. Their days at floating citadel continued and they learned more about summoning techniques, but soon a great problem appeared. Nanahoshi was dying! Person without any magic power will have its body corrupted by magic and slowly die, naturally magical treatments were ineffective. Only solution was to contact an Immortal Demon who has seen the disease in the past and will probably know the cure for it. Once again, Rudeus returned to the Demon Continent in his search for Demon Empress Kishirisu who knew what the cure is, in the process he managed to incur the wrath of the Demon Lord Atofe. However, everything ended well, though they almost died while fighting Atofe and they managed to cure Nanahoshi.


一方で、風邪かと思われていたナナホシの体調が急転する! 「俺を魔大陸に送ってもらう事は、可能ですか?」 ナナホシの治療法を探すため、行動を始めるルーデウスたち。しかし転移した先は、デッドエンド時代の苦い思い出が残る、あの場所で……! 魔大陸をやり直し!?


  • Chapter 1: Floating Citadel.
  • Chapter 2: Audience with Perugius.
  • Chapter 3: Past, Curse, Summons, and Jealousy.
  • Chapter 4: Lamentation.
  • Chapter 5: Towards Demon Continent Once Again.
  • Chapter 6: Search for Kishirika.
  • Chapter 7: Audience with the Immortal Demon Lord.
  • Chapter 8: Duel with the Immortal Demon Lord.
  • Chapter 9: Everyday Life in the Floating Citadel.
  • Chapter 10: Turning Point 4.
  • Chapter 11: End and Beginning.
  • Side Story - Birth of a New Sword King.


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