Mushoku Tensei Vol 12
Mushoku Tensei Vol12
Release Date 25 August 2016
Volume 11
Volume 13


Father and son reunited, arriving to his destination with Elinalise, Rudeus reunited with his father, Paul. He soon found out that the situation was worse than expected. Not just his mother was trapped in the Labyrinth this time, but also his beloved teacher, Roxy as well. To make the matters worse this Labyrinth was quite tricky. Fortunately, using the greatest weapon of all, knowledge, Rudeus made the situation more bearable. They went to the Labyrinth. With the knowledge Rudeus brought, it was a lot more simple than before. Hearing his inner voice, Rudeus devastated the walls in the labyrinth and managed to save Roxy in the nick of time, making her fall for him. With their forces strengthened, they went to meet the final boss in battle. The battle was difficult, final boss had an ability absorb magic, making long distance attacks ineffective. Naturally it did not end there, with their new strategy they managed to turn the tables. However, their victory came with a price. Paul died, covering for Rudeus and Zenith lost her memories. Devastated Rudeus was helped to recover by none other than Roxy , making him fall in love with her even more and making him to decide to marry her. Recovered, though not fully, they went home telling what happened to the entire family. Their sadness was great, but they had to move on for the sake of Paul who gave his life for Rudeus.






  • Chapter 1: Arrival
  • Chapter 2: Confirmation of the Situation
  • Chapter 3: Enter the Labyrinth
  • Chapter 4: Her Feelings at that Time
  • Chapter 5: Magician of Persistence
  • Chapter 6: Without a Hitch
  • Chapter 7: Magic Circle on the Sixth Level
  • Chapter 8: Teleport Labyrinth's Guardian
  • Chapter 9: Mortal Combat
  • Chapter 10: Parent
  • Chapter 11: Face Forward
  • Chapter 12: Return Home
  • Chapter 13: Return
  • Chapter 14: Report
  • Chapter 15: Hell
  • Chapter 16: In Front of the Gravestone


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