Mushoku Tensei Vol 11
Mushoku Tensei Vol11
Release Date 25 May 2016
Volume 10
Volume 12


Newlywed life for Rudeus and Sylphiette is going on smoothly, but a little change of pace is about to take place in their life. Rudeuses younger sisters are coming. After a touching reunion, not only with his sister, but with Ruijerd as well who left a day later. Their new life-style began. Aisha who adores her brother and Norn who hates him made Rudeus life more interesting. After written exam, Norn enrolled into Ranoa Magic Academy, while Aisha stayed as Rudeuses maid. Norn started to live in dorm to separate from her brother, but she could not escape his area of influence easily. Hearing the stories about her brother in school, made her feel depressed and she became a shut-in. In he depressed state it was her brother who helped her get over it, while on the other hand Sylphiette became pregnant. However, a shocking letter was delivered forcing Rudeus to make a certain decision. A turning point in his life is about to take place.

Rudeus starts a new journey, journey to finally meet his last missing family member, his mother Zenith. He has to go to Begaritto Continent, a continent he has never been to before. It would take him quite a lot of time to get there going by normal means, but Rudeus found another method. For the first time in his life he traveled using teleportation circles. Getting there instantly together with Elinalise who decided to join him he started his journey to reunite with party led by Paul who confronted with unexpected trouble required assistance. Journey through the dessert was tough, harsh conditions, swarms of monster and a monster surprisingly harder to beat than a dragon for a male. However, overcoming this obstacles, Rudeus and Elinalise managed to arrive at their destination.






  • Chapter 1: Treatment of the Sisters.
  • Chapter 2: Maid and Boarding Student.
  • Side Story - Doll Research & Master-Servant Relationship.
  • Chapter 3: Delinquent Leader & His Allies.
  • Chapter 4: Elder Brother's Feelings.
  • Chapter 5: Norn Greyrat.
  • Chapter 6: Lifestyle with the Younger Sisters.
  • Chapter 7: Turning Point 3.
  • Chapter 8: Saying Farewell.
  • Chapter 9: Towards Begaritto Continent.
  • Chapter 10: Natural Enemy Encounter.
  • Chapter 11: Desert Ecology.
  • Chapter 12: Desert Journey.
  • Chapter 13: Bazaar.
  • Chapter 14: The Desert Warriors.
  • Extra chapter: Norn and the Millis Church. 『ノルンとミリス教団』


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