No. Translated title Web Novel Light Novel
Web LN Release Date Release Date
1 Childhood November 22 – December 2, 2012 January 24, 2014
A 34-year-old NEET is kicked out of his home following the death of his parents. He comes upon a speeding truck heading towards a group of teenagers, and manages to pull one of them out of the way before dying. He then awakens in a baby's body and realizes he has been reincarnated in a world of sword and sorcery. While initially indulging in his perversion, he resolves to become successful in his new life, discarding his past identity aside for his new life as Rudeus Greyrat. At the age of three, Rudeus teaches himself magic and begins training to increase his magic capacity. Discovering his talent in magic, his parents hire a girl named Roxy Migurdia to be a live-in teacher. During his two years with Roxy, Rudeus learns more about the world, and overcomes the trauma which made him a recluse. After Roxy's departure, Rudeus befriends a bullied girl named Sylphy, whom he mistakes for a boy; during their time together, Rudeus teaches her everything he knows, allowing her to become proficient with magic. Realizing the co-dependence between Rudeus and Sylphy is limiting their potential, Rudeus' father, Paul Greyrat, sends Rudeus to his relatives to enlighten him about the world.
2 Home Teacher Chapter December 9–16, 2012 March 25, 2014
Rudeus is bought into the Boreas branch of the Greyrat family, and becomes a tutor to Eris Boreas Greyrat, a haughty and violent girl. To become her tutor, Rudeus and the Boreas family arrange a fake kidnapping, which is turned into a real kidnapping when they are betrayed by a butler. Regardless, Rudeus wins her favor and becomes her tutor for mathematics, languages, and magic. Over the years, Rudeus bonds with the Boreas family, and teaches himself more about the world, learning several different languages on the side. On his tenth birthday, Eris and the Boreas family presents Rudeus with a magic staff. Shortly after, a magic beam hits the country, transporting people throughout the world. Roxy arrives to the city, and decides to join a search party led by Rudeus' father.
3 Adventurer Chapter December 23, 2012 – January 13, 2013 May 23, 2014
Rudeus is able to pull Eris and himself to safety mid-teleportation and finds themselves on the magic continent, an area inhibited by demon citizens and powerful monsters. Cautiously heeding the words of a mysterious Human-God, Rudeus befriends Ruijerd Supardia who volunteers to escort them home. Passing through Roxy's hometown, they arrive to a city named Rikaris and sign up at an adventurer's guild to make money for the voyage. Coming upon group of pet kidnappers, Rudeus destroys their operation, and uses their rank to take higher level quests from the guild. Eventually, they are discovered and blackmailed, forcing them to leave town. Acknowledging his leadership was at fault, Rudeus changes the group dynamic in order to take Eris and Ruijerd's opinions into account.
4 Voyage Chapter January 14–24, 2013 August 25, 2014
The party arrives at a part that will take them to their next destination, the Milis continent. Following the advice of the Human-God, Rudeus enters an alleyway and encounters the Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu, who gives him the power of foresight as a reward. Due to the Milis' discrimination against the Supard race, Rudeus pays an organized crime group to smuggle Ruijerd. Once there, Rudeus and Ruijerd betrays the organization to save kidnapped children from the beast race. After freeing the Holy Beast, the beast race's deity, the beast race mistaken Rudeus to be part of the organization and is incarcerated. After clearing the misunderstanding, Rudeus, Ruijerd, and Eris spend a few months with the beast race as they wait for the seasonal rainstorm to pass. They then continue onwards and is accompanied by Gisu, Rudeus' cellmate who was imprisoned for gambling.
5 Reunion Chapter February 7–17, 2013 October 24, 2014
Arriving in Milis' capital, Milishion, the group and Gisu go their separate ways. Rudeus comes upon a kidnapping and intervenes, learning that the kidnapping is actually a rescue orchestrated by Paul's search group. Paul chastises Rudeus for failing to search for teleportation victims on the magic continent, who is taunted by Rudeus in return, causing the two to fight. Rudeus realizes that aside from Norn, the rest of his family are still missing. After some self-reflection, Rudeus and Paul reconcile before continuing on their journey. Arriving at West Port in order to travel to the Asura continent, Ruijerd's connection and Rudeus' aunt (Therese Latreia), allows them to board a ship despite the ban against the Supard race.
6 Homecoming Chapter March 16–29, 2013 February 25, 2015
Arriving in Dragon King Kingdom, the Human-God advises Rudeus to travel to Shirone Kingdom to save Lilia and Aisha. There, Rudeus meets Pax, fourth prince of Shrione, who captured Lilia and Aisha to bait Rudeus and in turn, Roxy who he desires to court. Due to Pax's tyrannical rule, his soldiers rebel; at the same time Rudeus befriends the third Prince Zanoba, who helps free him from the prison. In the aftermath, Pax and Zanoba are sent out of the country, while Lilia and Aisha journey to reunite with Paul. Continuing on their journey, Rudeus and his companions meet the Dragon God Orsted, who attacks after hearing the Human-God's name. Utterly defeated, Rudeus is spared by Nanahoshi Shizuka, Orsted's companion. Continuing onwards, the party arrive at Eris' hometown. After saying their goodbyes to Ruijerd, Eris learns her entirely family is dead. In response, Eris asks Rudeus to become her family, and sleeps with him. She then leaves to train her sword skills, in order to become a worthy woman by his side. Instead, Rudeus believes his sexual performance was lacking, leaving him heartbroken. Elsewhere, Roxy becomes acquainted with Kishirika who reveals the location of Rudeus' mother.
7 August 25, 2015
The novel covers Rudeus' adventures following Eris' departure.
7 8 School Entry Chapter April 16–22, 2013 October 23, 2015
Two years after Eris' departure, the psychological trauma left Rudeus impotent. Since then, Rudeus has been adventuring and spreading his name in order to search for his missing mother. Roxy's companion, Elinalise Dragonroad, relays Zenith's location to Rudeus, and how the others wish for him to live his life instead. On the advice of the Human-God, Rudeus and Elinalise enroll into the to cure his erectile dysfunction. There, he becomes reacquainted with Zanoba and befriends Fitts.
8 9 Special Student Chapter April 23 – May 9, 2013 January 25, 2016
Growing impatient, Zanoba requests Rudeus to teach him how to create figurines; Zanoba's lack of magic and dexterity makes him a lost clause. Instead, they search the slave market, and purchase a young female dwarf whom they name Juliet and teach magic to. Rudeus soon learns that Rinia Dedorudia and Pursena Adorudia destroyed his precious Roxy figurine, and enacts vengeance against them. Later, Cliff Grimoire, requests Rudeus to introduce him to Elinalise. After an earnest proposal, the two begin dating and Cliff begins his research on curses in order to cure Elinalise's ailment. Next, the beast race's mating season starts and Rudeus is besieged with challengers who wish to wed Rinia or Pursena. Coincidentally, the demon lord Badigadi also challenges Rudeus to affirm Kirakishi's speculations. Rudeus win's Badigadi's conditions for victory, causing his fame to rise within the school. Afterwards, Rudeus becomes reacquainted with Nanahoshi who is a student under the name Silent Seven Stars. It is revealed Nanahoshi was one of the teenagers Rudeus failed to save before his death, and was transported to the current world with her original body. She requests Rudeus to power her magic circles in order to create a spell to return home.
9 10 Sylphiette Chapter June 8–18, 2013 March 25, 2016
Fitts' monologue reveals her identity to be Sylphiette, whose hair has turned white following the teleportation incident. Following the incident, she was teleported to Ariel Anemoi Asura's palace and saved her from a monster. With her home gone, Ariel has Sylphy become her bodyguard. Due to the political strife and assassination for the throne, Ariel and her companions were forced to flee; they enroll into Ronoa Magic University as a political farce and to have Ariel build up connections to claim the throne. In the present, Sylphy's timidness forces Ariel and her knight, Luke Notos Greyrat, to plot a way to have her seduce Rudeus. Eventually succeeding, Sylphy reveals her identity to him, and uses an aphrodisiac to cure his impotency. In Ariel's presence, Rudeus clears up any misunderstandings and declares his loyalty and marriage to Sylphy.
10 11 Newlyweds Chapter June 26 – July 2, 2013 May 25, 2016
Rudeus begins searching for a house for his marriage. With Zanoba and Cliff's support, Rudeus investigates a haunted machine and neutralizes an automated doll which killed the past inhabitants. Zanoba researches the doll and the creator's notes while Rudeus renovates his new home. Rudeus and Sylphy hold a wedding reception, where they learn Elinalise is Sylphy's great-grandmother.
11 12 Younger Sisters Chapter July 28 – August 9, 2013
On Paul's behalf, Ruijerd escorts Norn and Aisha to Rudeus' home where they will be staying until Zenith is rescued. Aisha decides to become Rudeus' maid while Norn enrolls and dorms at Ronoa Magic University. However, being constantly compared to Rudeus and feeling completely alone, Norn secludes herself in her dorm. Rudeus sneaks into the dorms to see Norn, allowing her to sort out her negative feelings towards him. Months pass and Sylphy becomes pregnant. Shortly after, Rudeus receives a letter from Paul's group, requesting for his assistance. The Human-God tells Rudeus to stay home, but is convinced to leave when Norn attempts to sneak out and go on the journey herself.
12 13 Begaritto Continent Chapter August 30 – September 6, 2013
Learning that Rudeus will need two years for his journey, Nanahoshi informs him about a hidden area containing a teleportation circle, which would shorten his overall journey to six months. Together with Elinalise, they are teleported to the Bengaritto Continent where they traverse a desert of monsters and accompany a band of merchants. Arriving at their destination, they are reunited with Paul's group, and learn that Zenith is inside a legendary dungeon called the Teleport Labyrinth, and that Roxy is missing inside.
13 Labyrinth Chapter October 5–21, 2013
Rudeus had coincidentally brought a book with him about the Teleport Labyrinth, allowing the party to easily map and navigate the dungeon. After finding Roxy, they retreat, allowing her to recuperate before reentering the dungeon. The party proceeds to the final room and battles a Lernaean Hydra resulting in the lost of Paul's life and Rudeus' left hand. The party free Zenith from a magic crystal and discover she is in a dreamlike state. Rudeus mourns Paul's death and agonizes over the neglect he's shown his parents from the past life. In order to cheer him up, Roxy seduces him and the two start a relationship. Returning home, Rudeus gains Sylphy's permission to have Roxy as his second wife. Months later, Sylphy gives birth to Lucy Greyrat.
14 Everyday Chapter November 23 – December 4, 2013
Rudeus and friends life are highlighted and developed: Roxy becomes a teacher at the Ronoa Magic University; a fanclub is built around Norn; Rudeus learns lightning magic, achieves a threesome with his wives, and hosts a party to celebrate his sisters' birthdays and marriage to Roxy; Pursena defeats Rinia in a duel and returns home to become the village chef; and Nanahoshi makes progress in her experiments to create a teleportation circle home. As thanks, she invites Rudeus and his friends to meet Perugius Dola, a dragon tribe known for defeating Laplace.
15 Summoning Chapter January 6–17, 2014
Travelling to Perugius' floating castle, Nanahoshi becomes sick spurring Rudeus and his friends to search for Kirakishi who may know a cure to her ailment. They search leads them to a confrontation with the demon Atoferatofe Raibaku, and are eventually rescued by Perugius. With Nanahoshi cured, Rudeus returns home and is advised by the Human-God to check his basement. Rudeus is stopped by a future version of himself, revealing a mouse will leave the basement and inflict Roxy with a terminal disease. The future Rudeus explains that following Roxy's death, the Human-God kills everyone he cares about. Before dying, the future Rudeus gives his diary, and instructs his present self to do three things: consult with Nanahoshi, write an apology letter to Eris, and to doubt but not oppose the Human-God.
16 Human God Chapter February 17–28, 2014
The Human-God confesses his plans, explaining how Orsted and Rudeus' descendants will cause his death; to appease him, Rudeus agrees to kill Orsted. Rudeus sends a letter to Eris, requesting her assistance, and develops a battle suit for the upcoming battle. As they battle, Orsted comes to understand Rudeus' predicament and offers to employ him. Rudeus accepts upon learning Orsted has knowledge on how to protect his family. Rudeus returns home with Eris, and takes her as his third wife after resolving their misunderstandings.
17 Kingdom Chapter April 1–11, 2014
Orsted and Rudeus discuss information regarding the Human-God, the power of destiny, and employment conditions. Without much detail, Orsted tasks Rudeus to help Ariel become queen as that outcome will be unfavorable to the Human-God. In addition, Orsted provides Rudeus with a summoning circle in order to summon a familiar with a strong destiny, to protect his family from the Human-God's powers. Rudeus ends up summoning the beast race's deity, the Holy Beast, and nicknames it Leo. Meanwhile, Perugius will offer his assistance to Ariel campaign if she correctly answers his question about kingship. Rudeus guides Ariel to the correct answer, earning Perugius' favor, and they prepare for their journey to the Asura Kingdom.
18 Asura Kingdom Chapter May 22 – June 4, 2014
With Orsted's guidance, Rudeus comes into contact with an Asuran criminal network to smuggle them into the kingdom. In doing so, Ariel recruits one of the personnel to testify against a rival for the throne. After thinning out the assassins after Ariel, a banquet is held for the nobles of Asura. There, Ariel uses Perugius' to sway the nobles to her faction and to incriminate a rival minister. A powerful swordsman under the Human-God's urging crashes the banquet in order to help the minister escape; the two are thwarted, securing Ariel's position for the crown. In the aftermath, Sylphy resigns from being Ariel's knight, Orsted reveals he is in a perpetual time loop until the Human-God is killed, and Rudeus begins training again after reflecting on his earlier weakness.
19 Subordinates Chapter July 3–13, 2014
Rudeus lives his daily life while completing missions for Orsted. Roxy gives birth to a girl named Lara Greyrat and Eris becomes pregnant. Rinia, who has become a slave following her failed career as a merchant, is freed from captivity by Eris. Rudeus pays off the slave owners and in turn, Rinia is forced to work off the debt. Instead, Rinia causes discord in the house, so Rudeus decides to put her and Aisha in charge of recruiting subordinates to help Orsted's cause. Aisha's management results in the formation of the Rodos company, an employment agency, yielding great profits. Rinia receives a letter from the beast race urging her seek the Holy Beast. Rudeus, Rinia, and Leo travel to the beast race's home and convinces the chief to let Leo stay with the Greyrat family. On the behest of Rinia, Pursena returns with them. Afterwards, Zanoba receives a letter from Pax, who has taken the Shirone throne by force, and has ordered for his return.
20 Zanoba Chapter August 21 – September 2, 2014
Zanoba's recall deviates from future Rudeus' diary, leading them to believe it is a ploy by the Human-God. Since Pax's kingship will lead to the formation of a republic nation, Orsted orders Rudeus to ensure his survival. Rudeus and Roxy accompany Zanoba on his return where they are later stationed at a fort. After successfully warding off a foreign nation's invasion, the party learns that the castle has been cornered by rebels led by an exiled prince. Feeling betrayed by his people and lack of results, Pax commits suicide, fulfilling the Human-God's goal. With the annulment of the republic nation, Orsted will be unable to predict Laplace's birthplace and intervene in the latter's war campaign. In response, Rudeus decides to prepare an army to confront Laplace eighty years in the future.
20.5 Intermission Chapter October 16–21, 2014
The events of two years are highlighted in the volume. Rudeus uses the Rodos company and his figurine production to spread the news about the upcoming war with Laplace. Cliff and Rudeus graduate from the university. Norn and Aisha have a party to celebrate their coming of age. Cliff decides to return to Milishion in order to take a position of power within the Milis religion. Rudeus also receives a letter from Zenith's mother, demanding they travel to Milis. Together, Rudeus, Aisha, Zenith, and Cliff arrive within the city walls.
21 Cliff Chapter November 7–22, 2014
Zenith's mother, Claire Lateria, wishes to wed her off to another man; Rudeus protests and cuts off all ties with the Lateria family. The Milis religion is divided into two factions; one accepts demons and the other persecutes them and are led by the pope and cardinal respectively. Rudeus appeals to the pope in order to build a Rodos company branch there. Claire manages to take Zenith into custody by using Gisu and denies her plan. Contacting his aunt Theresa, a peaceful resolution is almost reached until the cardinal orders his knights to cripple Rudeus. Rudeus is forced to rebel and kidnaps the cardinal's religious figure, the mind reading miko, to ensure his family's safety. The religious politics forces Claire to Zenith to reveal themselves, and the miko reveals Claire's intentions were well meaning towards Rudeus and Zenith; Claire hoped the rumors about Elinalise's adventures would cure Zenith but is disproved. After reconciliation, the miko reveals Zenith is conscious and is living a happy life with her grandchildren. Gisu reveals himself as Human-God's follower who manipulated the events of the volume, and intends to build an army to kill Rudeus.
22 Organization Chapter January 5–15, 2015
Rudeus travels around the world to make peace with powerful people to dissuade them from joining Gisu's campaign; he ends up winning the favors of the swordsman known as the Death God, the Dragon King's Kingdom, and the leaders of the magic continent. Sylphy gives birth to a son with green hair, leading to unease until it was confirmed he is not Laplace's incarnate. Nanahoshi has completed her invention of a magic circle to go home but an unknown problem causes it to fail. She deduces she and Rudeus are the results of a time paradox in the future, which prevents her from returning home; she then enters stasis to close the time loop. Rudeus locates Kishirika who gives him the power of clairvoyance and reveals Gisu is in the Bihaeril kingdom.
23 Decisive Battle Chapter March 1–15, 2015
Rudeus and his allies travel to the Bihaeril kingdom and find Ruijerd and the supard survivors. Through a series of events by the Human-God, the supard village is stricken with a plague and is to be invaded by an army. After curing the disease, Rudeus and his allies overcome the invading army and earn the kingdom's cooperation. Gisu equips Badigadi with a legendary armor which is passed onto the North God Swordsman, Alexander Kallman, following his defeat. Orsted overwhelms Alexander and forces him to be his subordinate. With all matters settled, Rudeus returns home to his family.
24 Conclusion Chapter April 3, 2015
The lives of the characters are highlighted during the time Rudeus is 34 and on his deathbed at 74. The story shifts years into the future and follows Reira, a girl with the power to control time and is trapped in a perpetual time loop. She is used to summon Nanahoshi's friend, Akito Shinohara, and falls in love with him. Akito's death causes Reira to travel to the past where she bargains with an unknown entity, revealing her to be the cause of Rudeus' reincarnation, Nanahoshi's summoning and the teleportation incident. Rudeus' action creates a new future for Reira as she starts her time loop once again.

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