• Amaterasca

    While we are still in wait for the Mushoku Tensei CD Drama (Yes, there is one coming!), here is the CM for the Light Novel's Volume 8. This was released back in October 2015, but I'm sure not everyone has seen it before.

    Along with this, I've conducted some "spring cleaning" as it may (even though... it's winter... and the start of the new year) cough. Meaning any images that were uploaded, but haven't been used (i.e. added to any pages), or have lost their use, were deleted.

    I've also finally expanded the gallery pages on the Volumes, which is something I've had planned for quite a while. It was a lengthy process, but well worth. I've also been trying to standardize/set a naming format for uploaded images. (Doing this greatly helps when search…

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