Name (Romaji) Urupen
Epithet Dragon God
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Race Dragon Race
Professional Status
Occupation Dragon God (Formerly)
Personal Status
First Appearance

Urupen is the former Dragon God and one of the three heroes who vanquish Laplace. He is described as the weakest Dragon God but become the strongest after founding the Saint Dragon Touki fighting style.


Like every Dragon Race, he has silver hair and golden eyes. Rudeus describe his portrait as Half-human looking.



A weakest Dragon God due to possessing a very small amount of magic power, he was acknowledged as the strongest at that time after founding the Saint Dragon Touki fighting style.

Power and Ability

Saint Dragon Touki

A way of fighting by covering only several part of the body with touki, minimizing the usage of magic power and defeat enemy without consuming much mana.


  • He is the strongest Dragon God at his time.
  • He is one of the Three Heroes Who Vanquished Demon God.
  • He and Kalman I often rescue young Perugius from a certain death situation with Atofe during the Laplace Campaign.
  • He was known as the most genius Dragon God of all times.

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