Name (Kanji) 空虚のシルヴァリル
Epithet Sylvaril of the Void
Born Unknown
Gender Female
Race Heaven Race
Professional Status
Affiliation Perugius (master)
Occupation First Familiar of Perugius
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Volume 15 - Young Man Period - Summoning Chapter

Sylvaril is one of the 12 servants of Perugius, the Armored Dragon King. A member of the Heaven Race.

She is the only servants of Perugius who isn't a summoned spirit.


Her near-white, golden hair drapes down her shoulders, wearing a white mask of a bird.

She wears a gown-like white robe, holding a magic staff.

The staff carries a magic stone, opaque and dark.

From her back grows a pair of jet black wings.



She was the first familiar of Perugius. Similiar to Arumanfi, she is extremely loyal to Perugius and show an obvious hostility toward anyone who disrespect her master. Apparently this stems from 400 years ago when Perugius was on a Laplace Campaign, he saved Sylvaril and from then, she served him until now.


Power and Abilities

  • She is the only servant who can draw teleportation magic circle like Perugius



  • She hate Rudeus due to him accidentally summon Arumanfi as his summoned magic guardian and for him being a subordinate of Orsted.
  • She is usually polite and gentle, but can show her displeasure in a very obvious way if it's about her master such as when she heard Rudeus saying Perugius is far above him albeit Perugius admit him as friend, when she blatantly pour tea roughly on Rudeus cup after the incident with Arumanfi and when she sarcastically told Rudeus that he is not allowed in the Perugius's art room while Zanoba was allowed.
  • She greatly respect and favors those who praise her master.