Sieghart Saladin Greyrat
Name (Kanji) ジークハルト・サラディン・グレイラット
Name (Romaji) Sieghart Saladin Greyrat
Nicknames Sieg
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Hybrid: Elf / Human / Beast
Professional Status
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 22 - Young Man Period - Organization Chapter

Sieghart Saladin Greyrat or Sieg is the second child of Rudeus Greyrat and Sylphiette Greyrat. He is the younger brother of Lucy Greyrat and the half-brother of Lara Greyrat, Ars Greyrat, Christina Greyrat and Lily Greyrat. He is the main protagonist of Jobless Oblige.


Seighart has the same emerald-green hair color as Sylphiette before the teleport incident, and also has a face similar to Rudeus.


Unlike his sister Lara who is very stoic and hardly cries and his brother Ars who cries whenever Rudeus tries to hold him, Sieg is a very normal baby.

As he grew up, he admired the super heroes in the stories told by his father and tried to become one himself. He has a strong sense of Justice and moonlights at night in a disguise to perform heroic deeds. He is very much like his father and struggles with his own purpose in life during his adolescence as he is unemployed.


Power and Abilities

Even though when he was just a child, he was actually very strong. He can pick up really heavy boxes with much ease. He was also very intelligent as he has said that he is in the middle of the highest ranks in academics

North God Sword Style

At a young age, he was taught the North God Sword Style by none other than the Current North God, Kalman III. He has said that he may be the strongest student of his year in Ranoa Academy if not the strongest in the school.



  • Sylphiette had three dreams involving Sieghart being chased by a shadow. He was safe in two dreams but in the last dream, Sylphy was unable to save him.
  • His name was originally named Sieghart Greyrat, but Perugius gave him the additional name of Saladin.
  • He is the first child that Rudeus was anxious of because of his green hair and at the time of his birth, Arumanfi told him that Perugius wants to meet him, leading him to think that he could be the reincarnation of Laplace. He even doubted Orsted that told him that Sieg wasn't Laplace and brought him to Perugius.
  • The doctor, who helped Sylphiette deliver him, had a stiff expression after seeing his hair.
  • Sieghart has been hinted to be a Miko. In Redundant Chapter 6: Lucy's Family, Lucy states "I know one trait of Sieg that no one knows yet, he’s actually very strong. He can pick up really heavy boxes with much ease." Orsted also noted that Sieg's strength is far above other children which he theorized may be due to the inherited Laplace factor. However no official information has been gived. In the Reduncacy Chapters, Sieg has stated that while he has great strength, it was no where near Zanoba's natural gifts and that he had to train very hard to gain his strength.