Name (Kanji) オルステッド
Name (Romaji) Orsted
Epithet Dragon God
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Dragon Race
Professional Status
Rank God
Personal Status
First Appearance

Orsted is the current Dragon God and mutual nemesis of Hitogami. He's described as the cruelest and strongest of them all.


He has silver hair, golden eyes, has no particular equipment and wears a simple white coat out of some kind of fur.

He has a overpowering look in his eyes, but this might just be part of his 'curse'.


Because he has a curse of being hated and feared by all living things that see his face Orsted has rather poor social skills and carries a somewhat distant attitude, however he has an unexpectedly soft side to him.

He is patient and kind towards his comrades. However, when it comes to his objective, he will not hesitate from destroying anything on the way, no matter who or what, he immediately kills any apostle of Hitogami, usually without actually even taking the time to listen to them and has almost killed Rudeus twice because of this. During the second fight with Rudeus, after realizing that Hitogami had threatened Rudeus' family, who were prophesied to one day team up with Orsted to kill him, to force him into service, Orsted immediately offered him two choices: 1. Join him against Hitogami and he will provide him protection for his family, or 2. Continue serving Hitogami and die, after which Orsted notes he will abduct Rudeus' children due to the aforementioned prophesy of them helping him kill Hitogami. Despite the heavy-handedness of this deal, Orsted has proven himself to be a perfectly reasonable and honest man in his dealings with Rudeus, and furthermore has shown himself to be extremely kind towards children, especially Rudeus' children who are immune to his curse and thus don't fear or hate him.

He is also humble, preferring to refer to his followers as comrades rather than subordinates.

He also becomes emotional when there are things that involve the Dragon Race as he was quite angry at Rudeus when he mentioned the Dragon Race and spoke of Perugius, a Dragon King. However he does not get along with the other Dragon Race and seems to hate the Dragon Kings, on one occasion when Rudeus proposed giving himself the title of Dragon King to speed up their future negotiations, Orsted immediately rebuked him and notes that Rudeus is nothing like the Dragon Kings who just go around doing whatever they please.


His father, The first Dragon God, uses the reincarnation technique of the Dragon Tribe to send Orsted in to the future to fight Hitogami.

Note: This section is under construction and revision.


Volume 2 - Juvenile Period - Home Teacher Chapter

He was on the Crimson Dragon mountain range, noticing the abnormal mana gathering around Fedoa Region sky and heading there afterwards.

Volume 6 - Juvenile Period - Homecoming Chapter

Orsted and Nanahoshi Colored

Orsted and Nanahoshi passing the Red Dragon Lower Jaw

Initially, he and Nanahoshi was walking by the Red Dragon Lower Jaw and met <<Dead End>>, after hearing the word Hitogami from Rudeus, he fought against <<Dead End>> and he had beaten Ruijerd and Eris in one punch and almost killed Rudeus after rupturing his inner organs, but he was scratched by Rudeus after being caught off guard. He then spared and healed Rudeus per Nanahoshi`s request.

Volume 16 - Young Man Period - Human God Chapter

He was ambushed by Rudeus , where Rudeus managed to damage Orsted and force him to fight seriously. Soon he completely overwhelmed Rudeus, but then he faced Eris and she delayed him a little , but still lost. Hearing the story from Rudeus he decided to make him his comrade in his fight against Human God.

Volume 17 - Young Man Period - Kingdom Chapter

We learn more about Orsted and his curses. He also explained to Rudeus about Laplace and flow of destiny. Making their first goal to make Ariel the queen to correct the coarse of history which Human God disrupted to gain advantage over Orsted.

Volume 18 - Young Man Period - Asura Kingdom Chapter

He ordered Rudeus to help princess Ariel and kill Hitogami's apostles who changed the flow of fate. He tailed Rudeus and his party from the shadows, occasionally appearing to advice and help. In the venue, he easily killed Water God and then left before anyone made sound. After the events in Asura Kingdom, he told Rudeus the real truth: Orsted is a looped existence that has experienced the world for more than 100 times and that Rudeus is a new existence outside the loops.

Power and Abilities

Most of his ability (i.e. swordsmanship, Magic) has reached God Rank. He has also mastered a wide range of ancient dragon techniques and obscure magics (e.g. Ran Ma, hypnosis from the Nuka tribe, gravity magic).

If he dies, he will be reincarnate into the past (reset), with his memories intact. Which causes the '3rd curse' as slow magic recovery is the price for using the time loop restart ability. He has done this so often that he knows every person in the world and their history that is why he mastered all the techniques. (Time Loop over 20,000 years)


  • Curse Suppressing Helmet: Armor developed by Cliff to suppress the curse that causes him to be feared and hated by anyone looking at him.


According to Hitogami, Orsted was said to have 3 curses. However he only has 1 curse, and 2 of these "curses" are the result of the First Dragon God's technique used on him.

  • The curse of being hated and feared by all living creatures in this world.
  • The curse of being invisible from Hitogami's view. In reality this is a result of the secret technique which allows him to "reset" when he fails a loop.
  • The curse of being unable to go all-out. This is later revealed to be a side-effect from the technique that the first Dragon God used on Orsted to send him forward in time and repeat the time loop until he beats Hitogami. It made him have extremely slow magic power restoration, thus he can't freely use magic.


Rudeus : "From my view point, you seem to hold a great grudge towards Human God, what is the reason?"

Orsted : "Is there someone who does not hold a grudge against that piece of trash?"

Rudeus : "...That's true."


  • Curse of being hated and feared by all living creatures does not apply to Nanahoshi, Rudeus and Rudeus' descendants.
  • Orsted unexpectedly enjoyed the company of Rudeus's child, Lucy, giving her a shoulder ride when she was small and even taught her a trick to do magic when she had difficulties.
  • Even though he is ranked second in Seven Great World Power, Orsted is said to be strongest in the world, surpassing Technique God.
  • Orsted often checks on Rudeus's family when Rudeus was out to make sure that they are safe.
  • He is the 100th generation of the Dragon Gods.

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