Julie Main

Name (Kanji) 寿利
Name (Romaji) Juliette
  • Julie
  • Bazelle of the Sacred Iron and Lilitella of the Beautiful Snowy Ridge's child
Age 10
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Professional Status
  • Slave
  • Doll Maker
Personal Status
  • Bazelle (Father)
  • Lilitella (Mother)
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Volume 8 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter

Julie is a young female Dwarf slave that Rudeus and Zanoba purchased from a slave market to help them in the making dolls.


She has reddish orange hair.


At first she was apathetic and lost, but after Rudeus and Zanoba brought her she gradually started showing feelings, and started toddling around Zanoba and asking about things that interested her, and befitting her age she likes someone to read her book or tell her story's.


At some point because of debt, her parents were sold into slavery and same happened with her, she wasn't given a name since Dwarfs are not given a name until they are 7, and was called "Bazelle of the Sacred Iron and Lilitella of the Beautiful Snowy Ridge's child ".



Julie in Volume 8

Powers and Abilities

『Voiceless Incantation』

She is one of the few who can use voiceless incantations. She learned under the guidance of Rudeus .


She is learning magic from Rudeus, He is only focusing her to learn earth magic since Rudeus and Zanoba want her to make dolls.


  • Juliette (Julie) is the name Rudeus gave her after he and Zanoba bought her.
  • Incidentally she is named after Zanoba's younger brother Julius whom he killed.

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