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Jino Britts
Name (Romaji) Jino Britts
Nicknames Jino
  • Sword Saint
  • Sword King
  • Sword God
Age 17
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Occupation Swordsman
Rank «Sword God»
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 80.5: Youth Period

Jino Britts is the son of one of the two Sword emperors, Timothy Britts.


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He has an immature and naive way of thinking, being brought up in a closed environment, he has many preconceived ideas and expectations of life. He is also very eager in climbing the ranks of the Sword God Style, being extremely delighted when he thought he was going to be promoted to a Sword King.

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Jino Britts was born into the Sword God Style and has been raise up in The Holy Land of Swords. His family, the Britts family is a branch family of the Sword God Style.

He is considered a prodigy by his fellow practitioners, and attained the title of Sword Saint at the tender age of 12, being the youngest Sword Saint ever since.He was predicted to follow in the footsteps of another prodigy, Nina Farion, and eventually become a Sword Emperor.

He, like almost every other Sword God Style practitioner in The Holy Land of Swords, revere and fear the Sword God, Gal Farion very much.

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Volume 23 - Young Man Period - Decisive Battle Chapter

Before Gal Farion fought Eris, he revealed that he was no longer the Sword God and that he handed the title over to Jino Britts after he defeated Gal Farion.

Power and Abilities

『Sword God』

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Note: This section is under construction and revision.


"T-, thinking about it logically, excepting techniques, it would be the skill and strength of their footwork, or it could be... w-, the quality of their weapons?"


  • His sword skills have already exceeded the boundaries of a Sword Saint. He could not proceed up to Sword King because Sword God Gal Farion did not think he was mature enough in his thinking.
  • His desire to marry Nina Farion was been the catalyst for him to mature mentally, and eventually, defeat Gal Farion.



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