Isolte Cruel


Name (Romaji) Isolte Cruel
  • Water King
  • Water Emperor
  • Water God
Age 21
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Human
Professional Status
  • Swordsman
  • Asura Knight
  • «King Water-God Style» (Former)
  • «Water Emperor Water-God Style» (Former)
  • «Water God Water God Style»
Personal Status
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Novel Volume 132.5: Young Man Period

 Isolte Cruel is the granddaughter of the late Water God, Reida Reia. She becomes the next Water God after Reida.


She is a beautiful young lady with black hair and a rather seductive appearance.

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Isolte is highly loyal to her family and friends, defending them and easily becoming hostile to people who mistreat them. Isolte is also very proud of her sword style, looking with contempt at the Sword God Style users when she entered their territory.

She's a Millis follower, having the conviction of one man and one woman when it comes to marriage and love.

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Power and Abilities

Sword Techniques

『Water God』

She's skilled enough to defeat Eris and Doga with ease and, even more impressively, block and parry the onslaught of the Fighting God himself in a masterful and elegant way. Later on in the Redundancy Chapter, she masters three of the five Water God Style secret arts and becomes the Water God at a young age.

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"He's a cruel man isn't he! He already has two wives and takes the attitude of "it's fine if you become the third"! I can't help but think he is looking down on women!" - Web Chapter 132.5


  • Isolte was the equalizer brought in by Sword God, Gal Farion as a training method for Eris Greyrat and Nina Farion. Eris was the rock, Nina scissors and Isolte the paper.
  • She is married to Doga, Gatekeeper of the Asura Kingdom and North Emperor.
  • Both she and her husband Doga are members of the Seven Knights of Asura, who serve directly under Queen Ariel Anemoi Asura. As two of the Three Knights of the Right Wing, namely The King's Greatshield Isolte Cruel and The King's Gatekeeper Doga, they are responsible for defending the kingdom.