Migurd Race is one of the Magical Races. They mostly live in Demon Continent. They like to eat sweet things, and they are picky eaters.
Migurd Symbol

Migurd Race has a special ability that allows them to telepathy at a close distance without seeing each other, with the exception of Roxy.

Their trait and identification can be done by their blue hair,small body, and they have symbol of Migurd, the pendant. Their physical growth stop when they reach 10 years old and finally can grow older again after they reach 150 years.There are lot of people who discriminate Magic race, probably because they sided with Laplace in the war and then betrayed and killed him, but its later revealed that the one betrayed them was Laplace, but in their view Laplace, the one who employed them was brutally killed by Magic race. This caused other races fear and despise Magic race, at the same time labelling them as traitors.