Dead End
Professional Status
Affiliation Adventure Guild
Status Disbanded
Professional Status
Leader Rudeus Greyrat
Members Eris Greyrat, Ruijerd Supardia
Temporary Members Gisu, Jalil, Veskel
Former Members Ruijerd Supardia
Occupation Adventurer
Rank A
First Appearance
Novel Mushoku Tensei Light Novel Volume 03

The party was created in order for them to do adventurer jobs so that they can get some money in order for them to travel back to Asura Kingdom. It was disbanded after they reached the Fittoa Region, which was why Ruijerd was following them since he set out to escort the two back to their home. After it was disbanded, Ruijerd went off to search for other people of the Supard Race; Eris then left to train; and Rudeus continued to work as an adventurer, so that he could gain fame which would make it easier to find Zenith, who was still missing.

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