Barrier Magic is one of the four systems of Healing Magic[1]. It is a kind of support magic that creates a magical barrier to raise one's defense, to block movement and magic, or to invoke certain characteristics within the barrier’s area (i.e. nullifying magic activation[2], increasing or decreasing regeneration rate[3], distorting space[4]).

Barrier Magic properties are divided into anti-physical and anti-magical, and upon reaching Saint-class and above, the properties of both can be combined to create barriers with special traits[5]. Barrier Magic relies more on the usage of magic circles compared to chanting[6].

Barrier Magic is not well-known around the world, but it is very advanced in the Holy Milis Kingdom[7]. Normally, only elementary level can be taught as Milis Religious Orders are the only ones who have the rights to teach higher level Barrier Magic[5].

Perugius Dola is presently the world's best Barrier Magic user with God-class abilities in this magic type.[8]

Barrier Magic Users

Perugius Dola

After the battle of Biheiril Kingdom, Perugius accepted Dragon God Orsted's request and made the God-class barrier magic (originally created in order to seal the Demon God) to seal Badigadi. This barrier magic sealed Badigadi's main body and 4 other body parts in 5 different places in Earth Dragon Valley. The barrier sealing the main body could not be destroyed unless all of the remaining 4 seals were destroyed first. The barrier was operating using the mana of Badigadi’s body, which was further amplified with the Dragon King Sword and Fighting God Armor as a catalyst. Thus making the barrier powerful enough that not even Orsted could break out of it and giving it the ability to self-sustainedly operate almost forever.[9]


According to Hitogami, Orsted can use the techniques and arts of all living things in the world, including Barrier Magic.[10]


Holy Dragon Emperor Shilard created a magical barrier surround each Teleport Ruin, which distorted the space inside it and hide the Teleport Ruin from the physical world. When a magician places his/her hand on top of the nearby stone monument, reading the incantation while pouring mana into it, then the space around the stone monument will start to distort and change into the Teleport Ruin.[4]

The incantation to open the magical barrier surround each Teleport Ruin:

"That dragon lived solely while following its faith. Nothing is able to escape from the grasp of those grand arms. The second dragon that died. He who possesses the most ephemeral eyes Dragon General of Lustrous Green Scales. Borrowing the name of the Holy Dragon Emperor Shilard, I now pierce that barrier."[4]

Randolph Marianne

Randolph possesses the Absolute Void Eye, which can create a magical barrier around a large area. He used it in the siege of Shirone Royal Castle to construct a barrier around the entire castle, holding off the enemy's force, buying time for King Pax and Queen Benedict.[11]

Rudeus Greyrat

Cliff Grimoire

Members of Anastasia Keep



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